2017 A Better You

With the new year a couple of days away, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have already seen a surge in New Year’s resolutions as people prepare to start 2017 off right. The typical resolutions can be to stop smoking, spend more time with family, find a new job, and the winner - get in shape. But within two weeks after the ball drops, many will abandon their resolution and fall back into the same routine they adopted in 2016. Always striving to help those who want to achieve their fitness goals, INSANE LABZ has compiled the list below with tips to help you stay on track and make 2017 all about sculpting a better you.

Mind and Body

Before you post your resolution all over social media, think about what your goals are. All too often, people tend to go off the cuff when it comes to what they want to achieve in the gym. The first step is to prepare your body and mind for the task ahead. Talking to your doctor is an excellent way to see if your body can handle what you are about to throw at it. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. There will be several obstacles ahead of you. Don't get discouraged. Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. A strong mind equals a strong body.

Time Management

Time Management is one of the top pillars of being successful. Whether it’s in corporate America or the gym, having a schedule will drastically boost your chances of reaching your goals. Instead of wanting to exercise three times a week, pick which days and what time you will go to the gym. Don’t wait for time to make itself available to you. Treat going to the gym like a business. Have a set time each day that you will use to workout. By getting into a routine, your body will adapt to the new schedule and know when it’s time to work.

Don’t Do It Alone

There is no reason you should go to the gym alone. Exercising alone can seem daunting and even lonely at times. Having a friend or family member exercise with you is a great way to stay motivated. Not only will they be helping you, but you will be returning the favor as well. You can even make it a friendly competition. Whoever loses the most weight has to take the other to dinner. You can also team up with a friend who might already be in shape. They can assist you with which exercises helped them achieve their goals and how to perform them properly.

Try Something New

Knowing your goals is paramount when it comes to how you approach your workout. If you want to lose weight, try something different than just going to the gym and hopping on the first treadmill you see. Go outside your comfort zone and explore other areas that can spice up your routine. The best part about burning calories is the number of exercises that help you achieve just that. Go running, swimming, biking, or hiking. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are active. Changing up the scenery is a great way to get a boost when the gym becomes methodic and tedious.

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself might sound simple enough, but millions of people forget to do it when they reach a milestone. Staying motivated can be difficult, especially when the finish line seems so far away. Instead of getting depressed, set little goals that will lead up to your resolution. Want to lose twenty pounds? Start with five. For every five pounds, reward yourself with a night out, or maybe a tasty treat you have been craving. With benchmarks set along the way, you are more likely to achieve your 2017 resolutions instead of losing faith and giving up.

Do you have a great tip that helped you surpass your fitness milestone? Be sure to share it with us in the comment section below.

Article by Chris Piner