How Many Beers Did Steve Austin Drink in a Match?

For the last 36 years, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has traveled around the world, captivating millions of fans along the way. Over the lifespan of the WWE, the company has seen its fair share of wrestling hopefuls fall by the wayside due to the strenuous demands that come with being a professional wrestler. Among the top athletes in the industry, Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon considers Stone Cold Steve Austin to be one of the most influential wrestlers that help shaped the WWE into the global brand it is today. Recently, the “Rattlesnake” sat down to discuss being a wrestler, and answered the question most fans have – “how much beer did he consume during his career?”

It might sound like a strange question to people who either never watched him in the ring, or were too young to witness the legendary Stone Cold Stunner. But among his signature moves, Steve Austin was known for having a number of beers tossed to him before and after winning a match. There was even an instance where Austin used a large beer truck to shower his opponents with. During his stint as a wrestler, fans filled forums with speculation as to whether the drink was actually beer or just a substance made to imitate the alcoholic beverage.

During the latest recording of "The Steve Austin Show Podcast," Stone Cold invited Mark Yeaton to be a guest and talk about his time in the WWE as a referee. While his name might not be as familiar as the Rattlesnake, Yeaton was not only a timekeeper and referee, but he was also tasked with slinging ice cold beers whenever Austin requested one. As for the contents inside the cans, Austin admits that it was in fact – beer.

It may be somewhat of a surprise since most of what is seen within the WWE is scripted and choreographed, but when it comes to the beer – it's real. Austin even went into detail saying there were times when he would consume so much alcohol that he would leave the ring feeling dizzy and drunk. When asked how many drinks he would have, the six-time WWF Champion recalled a night when he was in Japan and did a “Beer Bash” with a few other wrestlers, resulting in over 115 beers being downed.

While Steve Austin will ultimately be remembered for dominating the ring and launching wrestling into the Attitude Era, having to shotgun up to 12 beers a night is an impressive achievement worth its own championship belt.

Article by Chris Piner