Is Brock Lesnar Done in the UFC?

There are very few sports in the United States that the powerhouse Brock Lesnar hasn’t tried his hand at. Throughout his promising career, Lesnar has been a NCAA heavyweight wrestler, NFL player, UFC fighter, and WWE superstar. Adding to his already glowing stardom, he is also a UFC Heavyweight Champion and a four-time WWE World Champion. While it appeared his athletic ability had no bounds, the former defensive tackle recently came under fire when the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) accused Lesnar of failing multiple UFC drug test.

The accusations against Lesnar started back in July when he stepped into the octagon for the first time in almost five years to fight Mark Hunt. While Lesnar was signed with the WWE at the time, the wrestling corporation allowed him to return to the UFC and represent Canada. During his bout with Hunt, Lesnar appeared to be in great shape as he controlled the fight and ended up winning by unanimous decision. But even though fans cheered as he lifted his fist in victory, the USADA had suspicions of foul play.

Not even a week after his win, the USADA slapped Lesnar with two anti-doping violations. While Lesnar didn't have much to say on the subject, other than claiming his innocence, Hunt took the violation personal and demanded the UFC pay him the purse that was awarded to his opponent. The UFC has yet to respond to Hunt's request, but they did overturn Lesnar's win to a no-contest.

According to the USADA, the estrogen blocker, known as clomiphene, was found in Lesnar’s system on two separate occasions. Clomiphene can be detected in an athlete a month after its initial use. While it’s hard to deny using a substance when failing a drug test, Lesnar’s legal team claims their client was unaware the foot cream he was using before the fight contained the banned substance. Although his claims might be warranted, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) confirmed the two failed drug test and suspended him.

On December 15th, news broke that Lesnar had reached a settlement with the NSAC that included a $250,000 fine and a one-year suspension of his fighting license. But while he can’t compete in the UFC, Lesnar continues to be a key figure in the WWE, fighting opponents like Goldberg at Survivor Series. Though his future in the UFC is uncertain at this point, the suspension will be lifted in July of 2017, allowing him to return if he wanted to. And with his contract with the WWE ending in a year, the once UFC hopeful may find himself in the octagon once again.

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Article by Chris Piner