Is Tom Brady The Greatest of All Time?

With both the Falcons and the Patriots looking to make history Sunday night, no one could have guessed how bizarre the game would play out. From the start, both teams seemed eager to set the pace, but it was the Falcons who drew first blood, forcing Tom Brady to watch as his chances for a fifth ring slipped away. But if the Atlanta Falcons learned one thing last night, it’s not to count out the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady duo. Coming back from a 25-point deficit, Tom Brady did the impossible and not only tied the game but ended up winning his fifth Super Bowl, making him the most decorated quarterback of all time.

Over the next few weeks, analysts and coaches will dissect ever second of Super Bowl LI, trying to find out what went wrong. From all sides, the Falcons had it. Starting with the sacks on Tom Brady to the amazing catch made by Julio Jones, it appeared Atlanta was finally going to win their first ever Super Bowl. At least that’s what millions of people thought, but it is never a good idea to underestimate one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

One glance at Brady’s career stats and it’s pretty easy to see why it could be intimidating when having to play against him on one of the largest stages in the world. As of today, Brady has accumulated a total of 456 touchdowns, 61,582 passing yards, and had 5,244 completions. With a passer rating of 97.2, it’s safe to say – Brady doesn’t miss, which is why he is a 2-time NFL MVP, 12-time Pro Bowler, and record-setting 5-time Super Bowl Champion.

Still not impressed? Take a look at what he did last night where he led the Patriots to win 34-28 in the first OT in Super Bowl history. Most people will only see him as the quarterback with the most Super Bowl wins, but he did much more than that against the Falcons. He set numerous records, including – most completions (43), most passing yards (466), most Super Bowl MVPs (passing his idol Joe Montana with 4), most postseason game-winning drives in NFL history (10), and the first quarterback with 3 Super Bowl fourth-quarter comebacks.

With his legacy growing with each game, some are wondering if Brady will decide to retire while he is on top. Given his record-breaking season, now would be the time to pull a Manning and bow out. But that doesn’t seem likely while Bill Belichick is still around. Together, the two have surpassed incredible feats on their way to becoming the greatest quarterback/coach pair of all time. Also, Brady has expressed his urge to play for at least another five years. With that much time left, there is no telling how many more titles and records he will gain while dominating the entire NFL.

Will anyone be able to outshine Tom Brady, or is he the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever seen? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Article by Chris Piner