Matt Ryan

Thousands of fans gathered in the streets of Atlantic Station to cheer on the Atlanta Falcons as they departed for Houston. Knowing this would be the last time to catch a glimpse of the Falcons before the big game on Sunday, fans cheered Matt Ryan’s name as the buses made their way to the airport. For Matt Ryan, there is no greater honor than bringing a championship back to a city that hasn’t been to the Super Bowl since 1998, which ended in their defeat. With the pressure mounting, Ryan appeared to be taking it in stride. But behind closed doors, sources say the star quarterback has a unique way of dealing with the burden placed on his shoulders.

When it comes to athletes, there is no shortage of weird superstitions. From not washing a pair of socks to eating the same meal every day, athletes have always dealt with the pressure of competing in their own way – and Matt Ryan is no exception. From what sources have said, Matt Ryan has spent the last week playing Madden 2017 non-stop. While that doesn’t sound strange, one insider, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that he has been playing it while wearing full gear.

Donning his helmet, shoulder pads, jersey, and cleats, Matt Ryan supposedly sits in a dark room for hours, playing Madden on a PS4 that has been fitted with a Falcon’s skin. The unknown source said they can hear him yelling, chanting, laughing, and even crying, depending on how the game goes. Given his intense regimen, Ryan can even be seen sweating as he rehydrates during halftime.

Not to discredit Ryan, the informant did say the quarterback played on All-Madden (the highest difficulty) and doesn't use any of the coach suggestions to help him win.

As of today, his record stands in favor of the Falcons at 14-13. But with a week to go before the Super Bowl, head coach, Dan Quinn, is worried the Patriots may beat Ryan, causing him severe emotional distress going into the biggest game of his life.

Article by Chris Piner