Top Metal Bands of All Time

Labeled as a genre of rock music, Heavy Metal refuses to be shackled by the requirements and rules that have been forced on the music industry over the past fifty years. With its roots based in early 70s blues rock, heavy metal is known for its aggressive and sometimes enraged lyrics, ear-shattering beats, monstrous guitar solos, and injury-laden mosh pits. But through all the hair, sweat, and head banging, there is a rawness in heavy metal that rushes over the audience, allowing them to feel invincible as they unleash the beast inside. Knowing the true potential of this rawness, Insane Labz harnessed it in their newest line of supplements - Dark Metal.

Designed to give users the strength to obliterate the weights while commanding the entire underworld, Dark Metal contains some of the strongest ingredients only controlled by the bravest of souls. In celebration of the release of Dark Metal to the masses, here are the top five heavy metal bands of all time.

SLAYER One of the most iconic bands of the 80s, Slayer not only sold out multiple arenas around the world, but they still perform today. Even though they may not headline as much as they used to, the crowds still come by the thousands to witness the band that paved the road for heavy metal. Since forming in 1981, the band has released twelve studio albums, won two Grammys for Eyes of the Insane (2007) and Final Six (2008), and sold over 20 million albums worldwide. Aside from all the fame, Slayers biggest achievement was being the influence that led to generations of metal bands.

IRON MAIDEN Most tend to think of endearing fans as a bunch of teenagers crying and collapsing, but they barely hold a candle to the hordes of diehard fans that worship Iron Maiden. There is no middle ground when it comes to being a follower of Iron Maiden; people either love them or hate them. Debuting in East London during 1975, Iron Maiden grew to global stardom as one of the top heavy metal bands of all time. Even with their albums being banned on the radio, it did very little to stop them from selling 90 million records, playing over 2000 concerts in 35 years, and accumulating a fan base that topples that of Rush.


BLACK SABBATH No heavy metal list is complete without Black Sabbath. Considered the father of heavy metal, Black Sabbath, led by the legends Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi, joined forces in 1968 as a blues rock band. Soon after, they found their stride when they placed occult themes in their songs. It didn’t take long for the world to latch on to the band that threw caution to the wind as they sang about political corruption, drug abuse, and the horrors of war. Even after Ozzy was kicked out in 1979, the band continued to grow, selling over 70 million albums, being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006, and giving birth to a whole new genre of music. Black Sabbath is the living embodiment of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll.

MEGADETH While most bands tend to start from a shared taste in music, or a need to express themselves, Megadeth was formed for the sole purpose of destroying Metallica. Dave Mustaine was once the lead guitarist for Metallica, but due to his chronic alcoholism, he was eventually kicked out. Hell-bent on destroying his previous band, Mustaine quickly started the new band - Megadeth. Although Mustaine would never achieve his goal, he did happen to create one of the most hardcore thrash bands the genre has seen. On the way to greatness, the band was able to garner 11 Grammy nominations, receive 10 albums on the top 20 list, and sell 50 million records. While the group was started out of spite, Megadeth would share the stage with Metallica in 2010, ending the 30-year feud.

METALLICA Metallica could easily have one of the largest fan bases of any heavy metal group in the world, but the band saw a massive decline in the 90s when they decided to go mainstream. Starting in L.A. when James Hetfield responded to an ad in the local newspaper, Metallica used their aggressive musical talents to catapult them to the top of the music industry. Even with fans turning their backs and calling them sellouts, the band continued to press forward, shredding both guitars and records along the way. With 8 Grammy wins, 5 albums reaching the number one slot on the Billboards top 200, and over 110 million records sold worldwide, Metallica is considered one of the most commercially successful bands in history. Still making music today, Metallica has molded themselves into a cultural icon by following their passion, with little regard to the opinions of others.

Article by Chris Piner