Dark Metal Manson

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If you are Psychotic, or even a little Possessed then don’t hesitate when it comes to trying Dark Metal Inc’s heaviest pre-workout, Manson. Push your body beyond its mortal limits and leave the weights in desolation as your body embraces the dark energy exhumed from the strongest ingredients known to all of mankind. Bring to life the beast inside and drive the nail into your workouts with Manson™.




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William "moose" newberry Apr 19th 2017


Manson is awesome!!!!!!!if your into psychotic you gotta try a big scoop of manson.prepare to crazy in the gym like a mad man lol!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry Apr 19th 2017

Awesome PreWorkout

Another awesome preworkout.Now in my opinion it's not stronger than psychotic I still think psychotic is stronger and in a category all by itself as the top preworkout.But this product gives you some serious energy without a crash.Its definitely a must have if you support the brand and the taste is amazing I still rate this 5 star with effectiveness and taste

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