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Insane™ is an enhanced version of its predecessor Insane Focus. Developed by professionals in the eSports scene, Insane™ will deliver unsurpassed energy & superior focus for not only gaming but for your daily activities. We recognize the expanding presence of eSports and just like anything competitive we aim to give our players the mental edge.Take advantage of Insane’s™ new generation of energy enhancement and #FocusUp.

Key Features

1.) Unparalleled Flavoring & Mixability

2.) Enhanced Reaction Time & Endurance

3.) Consistent Energy & Focus

Insane Focus

Insane Focus is set to become a leading industry standard in cognitive enhancement products.  Developed for those who demand intense focus yet desire a clean boost in energy, Insane Labz has taken the most prominent all natural nootropics and formulated a product which stimulates optimal brain activity and mental clarity.

Rather you find yourself as a student, gamer, businessman, or all of the above, Insane Focus’s scientifically proven ingredients such as Vitamin B & GABA will deliver clean, composed energy all while sharpening memory and concentration. Other ingredients such as DMAE, Bacopa Monnieri, Caffeine, Alpha Yohimbe, Huperzine, and Quercetin are all powerful neuroactive ingredients which are only made stronger when used in conjunction with the natural uptake enhancer Bioperine which is formulated within Insane Focus.

The goal with Insane Focus is to eliminate the need to supplement one’s daily activities with multiple energy drinks which are only laden with heavy doses of sugar; Insane Focus is a simple four capsule serving which can be taken before any activity that requires in depth focus and energy. In situations where split second decisions will determine failure or success, Insane Focus will deliver the boost of mental clarity and the energy to outperform the rest.

Key Features

  • Razor Sharp Mental Focus.
  • Sustained, Clean Energy from Natural Ingredients.
  • Optimal Cognitive Function for Hyper Neurointensive Activities.



As a dietary supplement for adults, take 1 serving in 8-10 oz. of water once daily, 30 minutes before activity. Never consume more than 1 serving in a 24 hour period.

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Additional Info