Every year, San Diego is taken over by thousands of people with one goal in mind – Comic-Con. What was once a place for fans to buy, sell, and trade comics, has since become one of the largest events in the country. Just this past week, over 130,000 people flooded San Diego in hopes of […]

NCAA Football Season Preview

Ever since Alabama clinched the 2016 NCAA National Championship, fans have been anxiously waiting for September to arrive. The months between January and September can be brutal for a college football fan. Kids getting out of school, work, and the scorching heat can bring out the worst, but as the final month approaches, fans can […]

UFC Sold for $4 Billion

Although rumors have been circulating for months about the UFC potentially being sold, there was very little chatter coming out of the UFC. Both Dana White and the Fertitta brothers seemed to go on with business as usual, yet something was brewing behind closed doors. As every report was posted, someone within the UFC would […]

Insane The Movie

Barely a week after its release, INSANE FILMZ’s newest found footage film is quickly setting itself apart from an already bloated genre by ranking in the top 10 new horror releases. Directed by horror veteran Massimiliano Cerchi and written by Anthony Werley, INSANE is based on real events and follows “A loving couple, Michael (Vincent […]

Tim Duncan Retires

The last two months in the NBA have been noteworthy, to say the least. If the Cavs winning the NBA Championship and Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors weren’t shocking enough, then watching one of the best power forwards in the league suddenly retire is sure to leave many speechless. Anyone in the NBA knows […]

Most Popular Olympic Sports

With less than a month to go, the world is teeming with excitement for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Every four years, the world seems to put aside their differences to come together and compete in a series of different sports. Since the first modern games in 1896, there have been several changes as to […]

Pokemon Go! The New Craze!

A group of teenagers and adults huddled around a water fountain at the local mall. Being a constant visitor there, I was shocked to see close to fifty people sitting, standing, and circling the manatee that sat quietly in the center of the fountain. Each person was glued to their phones as my eyes investigated […]

Who’s The Greatest Running Back?

Since its inception in 1869, Football has always been a contact sport. But what was once known for its gritty style and gut-wrenching hits, has now become a game of long passes, lightening fast plays, and unbelievable catches. Although some teams still prefer the running game, one position that has always remained a pivotal role […]

Virtual Reality is Coming

In the early 90s, there was a concept that peaked the fascination of millions of people around the world. For the first time, Virtual Reality wasn’t just for science fiction novels – it was a reality. Conventions showcased the impressive technology that promised an escape from the everyday. Just by donning a headset, players could […]

Top 5 Possessions of All Time

Throughout history, there have been thousands of reported cases of demon possession that span over numerous religions and cultures. In the last century alone, possessions have not only increased, but it was listed as a serious medical and psychiatric condition. While the most famous demonic cases have been well documented, many don’t believe in the […]

The Roswell Crash

It’s been 69 years since a rancher from Roswell, New Mexico stumbled upon a trench full of debris that would send the world into a media frenzy, and make millions of people believe that there is life beyond the stars. Over the years, ufologists, scientists, and military experts have argued as to whether or not […]

Are Clowns Evil?

Dating back hundreds of years, Clowns have always been a sign of laughter and joy. They were once hired to entertain guests as they enjoyed large dinners, gatherings, or parties. But over the past 50 years, Clowns have become less common due to the stigma that has been placed on them. What was once seen […]

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