A New Big Foot Sighting

With over 400 Bigfoot sightings reported each year in the United States alone, it appears that the legend of Bigfoot is alive and well. The most recent Bigfoot encounter comes from the town of Omaha, Arkansas. Close to the Ozark Mountains, there have been numerous people claiming to have seen the mysterious ape-like creature when out hiking or hunting. While the individual below wishes to remain anonymous, he stands by his evidence and swears its authenticity.

According to the owner’s statement, he never really believed in Bigfoot and thought it was nothing more than people trying to cash in on the fame and fortune surrounding the elusive animal. Although the homeowner doesn’t want his property to be bombarded with reporters, cameras, and other Bigfoot enthusiasts, he believes the public has the right to know that Bigfoot is real and very much alive.

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The property owner is said to have had a peach tree planted in his backyard several years ago. Though it was nothing new to see small animals climbing the tree, hoping to snag a peach, the resident noticed that some of the peaches had large bite marks in them. At first, the owner didn’t think anything of it, but his curiosity eventually got the better of him when he heard a large animal trudging through the nearby woods. Worried for his safety, the owner retreated to his house and began devising a plan.

After several days of observing the land surrounding his property, the owner decided to set up a game camera and see what was stealing his fruit. Assuming the culprit was most likely some local teenagers or a bear, the owner was astounded when he finally downloaded the images. Not knowing what to think, the owner sat on the pictures for several weeks, trying to figure out what he should do about his unwanted guest. Though it’s unclear what happened to the Sasquatch and if it still visits the property, the owner claims he has numerous pictures of the creature and intends to release them in the upcoming months.

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