2017 A Better You

With the new year a couple of days away, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have already seen a surge in New Year’s resolutions as people prepare to start 2017 off right. The typical resolutions can be to stop smoking, spend more time with family, find a new job, and the winner – get in shape. But […]

Super Mario Run

In the game industry, no other company has been behind more hit titles than Nintendo. From classics like Super Mario, Pokémon, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo was once the gold standard when it came to video games. But over the past decade, the once-promising company has been plagued with dismal sales that […]

Top Metal Bands of All Time

Labeled as a genre of rock music, Heavy Metal refuses to be shackled by the requirements and rules that have been forced on the music industry over the past fifty years. With its roots based in early 70s blues rock, heavy metal is known for its aggressive and sometimes enraged lyrics, ear-shattering beats, monstrous guitar […]

Harry Potter Go

Making its debut in September of 2015, Niantic’s Pokémon GO became a global sensation practically overnight. Within the first week, the free-to-play app had not only become the most downloaded game ever, but reports showed that users played Pokémon GO more than they checked their Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and even Tinder. Although the app suffered […]

Pokemon Go Faze Over?

Released on July 6, 2016, Pokémon Go took the world by storm. Overnight, the free-to-play app skyrocketed to the top of the charts as millions of people were instantly hooked. Being able to explore your neighborhood or city, hunting for rare mystical creatures while being active, seemed to strike a chord amongst the masses. Within […]

Nintendo Switch

Once revered as one of the best gaming companies in the world, Nintendo had fallen into a trench of failed platforms, outdated graphics, and mediocre reviews over the past decade. It seemed with each new reveal; Nintendo couldn’t help but take two steps back, causing the doomsday clock to start ticking. There was nothing that […]

Virtual Reality + Games

The wait is over. Virtual Reality is finally here as Sony released their highly anticipated PlayStation VR (PSVR). Long gone are the days of driving to the nearest mall and forking over a handful of cash just to get a glimpse of virtual reality through some outdated demo. Well, you are still going to have […]

Wife Carrying Competition

Participating in events as a couple can be a rewarding experience that will strengthen a relationship. Many couples tend to exercise, run marathons, and occasionally attend a local pottery class together, but none of them are more thrilling and rewarding as the Wife Carrying Championship. Held at the Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, Maine, […]

Virtual Reality + Fitness

In recent years, virtual reality has teased its national debut by giving viewers a glimpse into the state of the art technology being developed for headset devices. As hordes of fans anxiously wait for the chance to dabble in the world of VR gaming, many developers are already looking into other platforms in which their […]

Top 5 Most Hunted Houses

With over 1,200 haunted houses in the United States alone, and seven billion dollars spent each year on costumes, candy, and activities, it’s easy to see how Halloween clawed its way to becoming the second largest commercial holiday. During peak season, haunted houses can see anywhere from 8,000 to an astonishing 60,000 guests. While battling […]

Creepy Pasta

The scarecrow stared through the door while Jason ate his dinner. The porch door was conveniently located so the cornfield could be seen just by turning one’s head. Jason didn’t dally with his vegetables. It’s normal for a ten-year-old to hate broccoli, but his mother was a woman of love and strict discipline, so Jason […]

NASA Apollo 11

While NASA was able to put a man on the moon and send a rover to Mars, when it comes to safeguarding a priceless artifact from the Apollo 11 mission, they tend to let it slip through their fingers and end up being sold to the highest bidder. Though it might not be all NASA’s […]

Nintendo Theme Park Coming Soon?

With less than a twenty-minute drive separating the two largest theme parks in the world, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World have been competing since they originally opened. While Universal put the final touches on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disney World announced a theme park based on the hugely successful Star Wars. Although […]

A New Big Foot Sighting

With over 400 Bigfoot sightings reported each year in the United States alone, it appears that the legend of Bigfoot is alive and well. The most recent Bigfoot encounter comes from the town of Omaha, Arkansas. Close to the Ozark Mountains, there have been numerous people claiming to have seen the mysterious ape-like creature when […]

Greatest Superhero of All Time

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s – Superheroes. Since its conception in the 30s, comic books have thrilled readers both young and old. Flipping through the pages of their favorite comics, fans would cheer on their heroic protagonist as they fought off aliens hell-bent on destroying the earth, scientists hoping to control the minds […]

Mad Chemist is Back!

A few weeks ago, an article was written about how numerous people had gone missing due to their involvement with #MadChemist. What was meant to be a warning seemed to have the opposite effect. Thousands of people flooded the internet with the hashtag, trying to see if it was a hoax. Though I was skeptical […]


Every year, San Diego is taken over by thousands of people with one goal in mind – Comic-Con. What was once a place for fans to buy, sell, and trade comics, has since become one of the largest events in the country. Just this past week, over 130,000 people flooded San Diego in hopes of […]

Insane The Movie

Barely a week after its release, INSANE FILMZ’s newest found footage film is quickly setting itself apart from an already bloated genre by ranking in the top 10 new horror releases. Directed by horror veteran Massimiliano Cerchi and written by Anthony Werley, INSANE is based on real events and follows “A loving couple, Michael (Vincent […]

Pokemon Go! The New Craze!

A group of teenagers and adults huddled around a water fountain at the local mall. Being a constant visitor there, I was shocked to see close to fifty people sitting, standing, and circling the manatee that sat quietly in the center of the fountain. Each person was glued to their phones as my eyes investigated […]

Virtual Reality is Coming

In the early 90s, there was a concept that peaked the fascination of millions of people around the world. For the first time, Virtual Reality wasn’t just for science fiction novels – it was a reality. Conventions showcased the impressive technology that promised an escape from the everyday. Just by donning a headset, players could […]

Top 5 Possessions of All Time

Throughout history, there have been thousands of reported cases of demon possession that span over numerous religions and cultures. In the last century alone, possessions have not only increased, but it was listed as a serious medical and psychiatric condition. While the most famous demonic cases have been well documented, many don’t believe in the […]

The Roswell Crash

It’s been 69 years since a rancher from Roswell, New Mexico stumbled upon a trench full of debris that would send the world into a media frenzy, and make millions of people believe that there is life beyond the stars. Over the years, ufologists, scientists, and military experts have argued as to whether or not […]

Are Clowns Evil?

Dating back hundreds of years, Clowns have always been a sign of laughter and joy. They were once hired to entertain guests as they enjoyed large dinners, gatherings, or parties. But over the past 50 years, Clowns have become less common due to the stigma that has been placed on them. What was once seen […]

Have you Seen The Mad Chemist?

A local teen from Little Rock, Arkansas is the latest victim of the #MadChemist game that has been circulating the internet. Police are on the lookout for the young girl who was last seen two weeks ago. Her parents recall her leaving the house and heading to the movies with her friends. That was the […]

Top UFO Hoaxes

Even before Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon, people have been fascinated with space. While most are satisfied with reading a science fiction novel or watching a movie to get their space ‘fix’, some people just want to believe so badly that they will fabricate some out-of-this-world story. Even better, a few […]

Is a Zombie Apocalypse Coming?

Since Night of the Living Dead premiered, people have been fascinated with zombies. The fact that the dead could walk again with a craving for human brains should concern most of us, but it’s nothing more than make believe – right? In recent years, zombies have become a huge part of pop culture. Shows and […]

Mad Chemist

wo years have passed since a house fire rattled a small town in Arkansas and cost a chemist his life. Citizens remembered the chemist as being a quiet man that mostly kept to himself. The people closest to him said he spent most of his time working in his lab that sat on a 50-acre […]

Did We Ever Land on the Moon?

If there is one thing there will never be a shortage of, it’s conspiracy theories. Since America declared its independence, there have been people who believe the government has been behind important moments like the JFK assassination, 9/11, the UFO landing in Roswell, and HARP. Though most of these theories have been discredited by the […]

Top 5 Worst Horror Films

In Hollywood, there is never a shortage of horror films being produced. Considered to be one of the most bloated genres, horror films tend to get a lot more criticism since the rate of crappy films severely outweighs the number of decent ones being made. Nothing can upset a movie goer more than spending both […]

Independence Day Clown

Though 4th of July is a time of celebration for millions, for the families that lived on Willow St., Independence Day is a hard reminder of the loss they all suffered. For the sake of their privacy, the names of the individuals below have been changed. Every year, the residents of Willow St. would gather […]

Clown Stories

Though clowns were initially designed to spread joy and laughter to the masses, years of movies and real life horror stories have tainted the image of clowns to the point that many view them as evil or a bad omen. The fear of clowns is such a common issue amongst people worldwide that it’s been […]

Do Aliens Exist?

There is an ongoing debate around the world when it comes to aliens and UFOs. It doesn’t matter where you grew up, your profession, or your religious preference. Either you believe in aliens, or you don’t. Just like any good debate, some people believe we share this universe, and others view humans as the only […]

Where is Big Foot?

Since the conception of man, we have all been fascinated with stories. Throughout the generations, stories have changed and lost the truth that once grounded them into reality. While most stories become myth and nothing more than a tale for kids, the legend of Bigfoot continues to captivate and amaze people of all ages. It […]

Crew Member Still Missing

While the filming of the new reality TV series, The Canadoo, wrapped several months ago, the search for the missing crew member continues. Last October, a camera crew descended into the Georgia mountains to film a TV show where contestants would be left in the wilderness to fend for themselves. The last contestant standing would […]

Bonker the Clown!

The fair wasn’t much to look at. Most of the attractions were outdated by several decades. I wished I had never agreed to go, but when a beautiful girl asked a middle-aged factory worker to be her date, I was inclined to accept. For the most part, the fair wasn’t a complete letdown. While we […]

The Graveyard Shift

Over the years, Mervin had become used to the fact that he was alone on the earth. There hadn’t been a natural disaster, plague, or some type of war to end all wars. No, Mervin just found it easier to deal with the dead. While many people, born in a small town, tend to uproot […]

Inside the Mental Asylum

The bodies littered the corridor as I cautiously maneuvered my way through the maze of human barricades. It was at this time that I wished I had never taken the security job at the Arkansas State Hospital. Just a few years ago in 1933, the building’s name was changed from Arkansas State Hospital to Nervous […]

Rest in Peace

His eyes searched for answers. I wish I could have given him some, but the truth was, there weren’t any. My hands grasped harder around the box cutters as the blood started to flow from his neck. I tried my best to imagine what Seth was thinking. It’s hard to say, but I would guess […]

Is Big Foot Real?

Is he Real? It had been over two weeks since the boy first disappeared. Living in a town with a population of 689 people meant word got around really quick. At first, most believed the kid had just ran away, or decided to go over to a friend’s house without telling his parents. As the […]

Was he Really Possessed?

The world needs to know I loved my brother. Nothing that may come to light from what you’re about to read will change how I feel about him. With that being said, my brother served in the Army for most of my life. I was just starting high school when he enlisted. He loved being […]


It was April 15, 2015 when my grandfather passed away. I don’t remember it because he died, I remember it because that was the day I found out we are not the supreme beings we see ourselves as. My grandparents, Thomas and Claire Gibbs, raised me as their own after my parents died in a […]

The Craigslist Clown

The Craigslist Clown It’s been years since I saw him and yet his name still rings in my head most evenings as I stare out of my barred window. I’ve tried telling others about him, yet no one listens to a man labeled insane. They see me as nothing more than three meals a day […]

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