Creatine Monohydrate

Anyone that is into fitness has heard the words creatine monohydrate at least a thousand times. There is no other supplement that is more popular or has been studied more than creatine. In a recent survey, over 40% of athletes stated that they have used or still use creatine. Though creatine is considered one of […]

BCAA’s What are they?

Every person that goes to the gym has a reason for being there. Either they want to lose weight and get healthier, or they want to hit the iron and bulk up; and, I’ve heard there are a few that are just lonely and want to meet someone. While their goals might send them down […]

Who Doesn’t Love Gaming?

Though video gaming is still very much a leisure activity amongst the 72 percent of teenagers who play, there are some gamers who have taken their skills to the next level and compete on the national circuit. For these professional players, there isn’t anything relaxing or therapeutic about what they do. To compete on a […]

Supplement Myths

Whether you’re new to the gym or a seasoned regular, there will always come that moment when you’re introduced to fitness supplements. Over the years, supplements have drawn a line between those who praise it and those who condemn it as nothing more than a steroid or scheme. The reasoning behind the stigma surrounding workout […]

3 Different Pre-Workouts

By now you’ve probably noticed there are two types of people at the gym; those who use and promote supplements, and those who don’t. Some people don’t take a pre-workout because it makes them feel jittery, or they don’t notice a difference when working out. Others can’t stop praising what supplements did for their body […]

New Smart Brain and Focus Optimizer

In today’s world, everything is moving at such a rapid pace that it may seem impossible to keep up. The forty-hour workweek no longer pertains to many people. Whether you’re juggling work, school, family, or all three, it can be hard to focus when your mind is constantly solving problems that seem to come at […]

Get Ripped with Insane Cutz

With obesity rates in the United States climbing to an overwhelming 35 percent, many Americans are putting down the fork, getting off the couch, and beginning to get healthier. While a healthy lifestyle has become a trend over the past couple of years, millions of people are still struggling with their weight, even though they […]

Get Ripped and Shredded

When it comes to fitness, for the most part, we are in control of how hard we train and how much we push ourselves to reach the body we’ve all wanted. But there is one thing that no matter how hard we fight, will always be against us – and that is time. Countless studies […]

Focus with Insane Focus

Once held as nothing more than a hobby to give players a glimpse of future technology, gaming has spiraled into a multi billion-dollar industry that has become a part of every persons’ life whether it’s in the form of a cell phone or gaming console. There are some among us that have such a passion […]

Top 3 Pre-Workout

Top 3 Pre-Workout’s on Market In today’s supplement market, there are hundreds of products that promise to increase your energy and focus, but what products are the best for your money? With prices ranging from $40 to $70, it can be important to know which products are really going to give you that extra energy […]

What is Schizo?

Schizo is probably one of the products we get the most amount of questions on. What is Schizo? Schizo is a one of a kind Stimulant/Focus based Pre-Workout that does not contain Caffeine or Beta Alanine.  Insane Labz Schizo uses a key ingredient called OxyGold which can only be found in Insane Labz Products Worldwide. OxyGold can assist your bodies natural […]

Is Psychotic Right for Me?

We get tons of Emails, Messages, and Questions everyday about our Flagship Product Psychotic. Everyone always ask us all kinds of Questions. Let’s cover some of the Key Features of Psychotic and if it’s the right Pre-Workout for you. Psychotic features a combination of Stimulants as well as Performance Based ingredients that will not only give you […]

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