Cotton Lifting Straps
Cotton Lifting Straps

Cotton Lifting Straps

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Stop lifting heavy, and start lifting INSANE with the help of Insane Labz® Cotton Lifting Straps. These 21"x1.5" straps are designed to provide hand and wrist support, helping you LOCK IN to your dumbbells or barbells. Made of 100% cotton to offer unparalleled strength, comfort and durability, our wrist straps are black with gray stripes, and branded with the Insane Labz® logo.

To use:
  • Slide one end of the long strap through the loop opening to make a circle
  • Open your hand with your palm up and slide the loop over and onto your wrist
  • Be sure that the end of each strap is aligned in the direction of your thumbs
  • Place one end of the strap over the bar
  • Wrap the excess material in a twisting motion, around the bar (ensure one full rotation around the bar)
  • Lift