Conor McGregor Makes History

After countless promotions, weigh-ins, and matches, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) finally made its debut at Madison Square Garden in New York City. While the UFC has been around for over twenty years, the sport has never hosted an event in the Big Apple until Saturday. Wanting to leave its mark, UFC 205 was filled with great matches that all led to the main event between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez. With the crowd bursting at the seams with excitement, McGregor not only dominated the octagon but made history while doing it.

Since signing with the UFC in February of 2013, McGregor has become somewhat of a bad boy in the sport. On several occasions, Dana White has had the unfortunate pleasure of having to step between McGregor and other fighters. Given the name “The Notorious,” McGregor uses psychological warfare to throw his opponents off their game. He will even go as far as to tell fighters which round he will beat them in. Even with all the trash talk, McGregor has climbed the ranks with an impressive MMA record of 21 wins and only 3 losses.

Going into UFC 205, fans saw McGregor as the favorite to win, but Eddie Alvarez was not only considered a great fighter and the UFC lightweight champion but one of Conor’s toughest opponents yet. Throughout Alvarez’s career, he has fought a total of 33 matches with 28 wins, 15 of them coming by KO. While the fighters entered the octagon, the crowd was openly cheering for the Irishman as they booed Alvarez.

From the sound of the first bell, McGregor fell into his routine of being the aggressor as he wailed on Alvarez, sending him to the mat on more than one occasion. Still, Alvarez seemed to bounce back from whatever Conor threw at him and was able to get in a few promising hits before the end of the round. While the first round went to McGregor, it appeared that Alvarez was going to be more of a challenge than some initially thought.

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The Irishman didn’t let off the throttle as round two started, connecting hit after hit. While Alvarez seemed to absorb the punches, the beating was starting to show. Seeing an opportunity to end the fight, McGregor began taunting the American fighter to step a little closer. The two powerhouses went at each other as Alvarez was able to pin McGregor to the cage, but it wasn’t enough. Following a takedown, McGregor found his opening and landed a right hand across the temple of Alvarez. His body drifted a second before slamming to the floor. Smelling the scent of blood, McGregor catapulted on his opponent before the referee could call the fight, making the Irishman the first person in UFC history to become duel-weight world champion. He now holds the title as the UFC featherweight Champion and UFC Lightweight Champion.

While The Notorious has fought hard to make history, he will find it to be even tougher to keep both titles. Even before UFC 205, fighters within the company have been upset that McGregor has yet to defend his featherweight title that he won in December when he defeated Jose Aldo by KO. Though the future is unclear as McGregor expressed his urge to retire after his first child is born in May, the fact remains that he must defend his titles or have them stripped away.

Do you think McGregor will be able to retain both titles for very long, or will one of the toughest fighters in the UFC retire before anyone has a chance to dethrone him? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Article by Chris Piner

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