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Get Shredded with Insane Cutz

Insane Cutz is a wild beast of a thermogenic product. It provides you with the ingredients you need to spark high-level fat burning. Its unique formula combines scientifically-proven thermogenics (fat burners) with stimulants and nootropics. Not only will you melt fat away, but you’ll also kick ass in your workouts with laser-like focus. Unlike other thermogenics, one serving is all you need with Insane Cutz. (Seriously, if you can’t handle stimulants, you do not want to take more than one capsule per day.) We recommend taking it with food earlier in the day or before a tough workout. Then get ready for things to heat up and kiss fat goodbye.

Science Behind Insane Cutz

What makes Insane Cutz so damn effective? It’s science. Here’s our proven line-up of thermogenic ingredients. 1, 3, 7 TRIMETHYLXANTHINE: Don’t let the long chemical name scare you; this is good, old-fashioned, high-octane caffeine. When it comes to fat burning, caffeine is one of the best thermogenics on the market. It has been scientifically proven to promote a higher rate of metabolism while blocking fat from being stored. In one study, subjects were given either 100 mg, 200 mg, or 400 mg of caffeine. All subjects experienced increased energy expenditure, or calorie burning. The subjects taking 400 mg of caffeine saw the greatest caloric burn. Combine this with its famous energy-boosting benefits motivating you to stay active, and you have a tried-and-true fat burning compound.


There’s a good chance that you regularly cut and curse this next ingredient every spring and summer. Dandelions might be a common pest of a weed to you, but to researchers these small yellow flowers are important subjects. Extracts of dandelion root have been suggested to help fight free radicals and naturally treat common ailments such as heart burn, damaged liver, and diabetes. When it comes to weight loss, dandelion root can stand tall with other thermogenics. One study published in Planta Medica showed that dandelion root extract was able to promote a healthy weight loss. Let’s say you’re looking to get lean and shredded. If you want to show off seriously ripped muscle mass on the stage or by the pool, diuretics help to shed excess water weight, giving you that fitness model look. Lucky for you, dandelion root has your back. Studies show that supplementing with dandelion root significantly increases urination and the shedding of water weight.


Related to the famous, yohimbine, rauwolfia vomitoria provides you with the same benefits. This is great news because studies have shown time and time again how effective the compound is for naturally accelerating fat loss. In a study published in Medical Hypotheses, researchers demonstrated how taking yohimbine compounds pre-workout triggered fat burning. In another study published in Research in Sports Medicine, the compound triggered an increase in levels of energy. Rauwolfia vomitoria will help you burn more fat to get that lean and shredded look, but it will also increase your intra-workout energy, accelerating your performance and calorie burning.


Also referred to as norsynephrine or 3, 4-dihydroxyphenethylamine, octopamine is an amino acid derivative that is found within the Citrus aurantium family. It’s commonly used as a nootropic, or brain booster, helping to improve focus and attention, but that’s not why you’re interested in it. You want to hear what it can do to reveal those gains. A research review published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences went through 20 studies involving the compound. Researchers concluded that extracts from the citrus aurantium family, such as octopamine, can successfully support weight loss for up to 12 weeks. Another study published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry compared the compound to the infamous yet super-effective ephedra. Researchers concluded that extracts from the citrus aurantium family were an ideal way to promote effective weight loss – comparable to ephedra without the side effects of health risks.


The commercial name for Piper Nigrum, Bioperine is going to be the glue that ties all of these ingredients together. Bioperine helps to increase the bioavailability of all the other ingredients within Insane Cutz. Why does that matter? Well look at it like this: If you’re buying a supplement, you want to make sure your body is able to digest and use all of the ingredients, right? Why waste money on a supplement if you’re only able to utilize 80% (or less) of the contents? This is where Bioperine comes in. Bioperine has been shown to dramatically increase the digestion and assimilation of ingredients. In one study, subjects taking pharmacokinetics of curcumin – a notoriously difficult compound to absorb – saw a 2,000% increase in bioavailability when using it within bioperine. Insane, right?

Who is Insane Cutz Ideal For?

Here are just a few people that can stand to really benefit from using Insane Cutz. WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT: When shedding pounds is your goal, you need an effective set of thermogenic ingredients to promote next-level fat burning. Insane Cutz has a serious line-up of proven fat burners that are sure to upgrade your metabolic response. It can complement any healthy diet and exercise program that is geared toward weight loss.


Maybe you just finished a bulking cycle and you’re ready to start slimming down to define that muscle mass. Insane Cutz is your go-to cutting supplement. It contains a variety of proven fat burners and diuretics. Best of all, you can keep that muscle you gained. Insane Cutz is only coming for your fat.


If you’re happy with your current weight and muscle size, Insane Cutz can still help you by boosting productivity and being a much-needed replacement for those five cups of coffee you drink. Many of the ingredients within Insane Cutz are also potent energy boosters so ditch the coffee before class or work.

Have You Used Insane Cutz?

If so, what benefits did you notice? Are you able to see your abs? Nervous about trying Insane Cutz and have questions? Let us know in the comments below!



Take One Capsule with Food once per Day. WARNING: Do not take if you are sensitive to stimulants and do not exceed the recommended dose.


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