Insane The Movie

Barely a week after its release, INSANE FILMZ’s newest found footage film is quickly setting itself apart from an already bloated genre by ranking in the top 10 new horror releases. Directed by horror veteran Massimiliano Cerchi and written by Anthony Werley, INSANE is based on real events and follows

“A loving couple, Michael (Vincent Rivera) and Sarah (Marcella Rodriguez), as they move into a gorgeous mansion overlooking an enchanted landscape. When strange occurrences lead Michael to have visions of a demented clown who is hell-bent on murder and mayhem, the couple must fight to dispel the evil before it possesses Michael and turns their dream life into a living nightmare.”

In a recent interview promoting INSANE, Cerchi discussed how he approached the genre of found footage. He recalled watching The Blair Witch Project for the first time and how he struggled to stay awake. Not wanting to make the same mistake as his predecessors, Cerchi said he had to approach the film as an amateur would – then make it as only a professional could.

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Born in Italy, Cerchi eventually moved to the United States and devoted his life to mastering horror films that rely on practical effects instead of CGI to scare audiences. Over the course of his filmmaking career, Cerchi has directed films like Satan Claus (1996), Holy Terror (2002), Hellbilly (2003), and Carnage Road: The Legend of Quiltface (2000). Cerchi prides himself in working from concept-to-completion on each film he has directed over the past 23 years.

The production of INSANE took over two weeks to complete and is entirely made up of a handheld video diary and surveillance footage. The Director of Photography, Jose David Pico, was Cerchi’s first choice since the two have worked together on upcoming films like The Night Shift and The House of Evil. The costume design for the murderous clown was developed by Dark Creations ATX and is sure to have audiences sleeping with the lights on.

INSANE is sure to garner a cult following as reviews are already calling this film “INTENSE, SCARY AS HELL, TWISTED, and TRULY FRIGHTENING.” If you are a fan of malicious clowns with a taste for blood and carnage, then this film is for you. INSANE is currently available for rent or purchase on Google Play.

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