Mad Chemist is Back!

A few weeks ago, an article was written about how numerous people had gone missing due to their involvement with #MadChemist. What was meant to be a warning seemed to have the opposite effect. Thousands of people flooded the internet with the hashtag, trying to see if it was a hoax. Though I was skeptical at first, recent events have shown me that the Mad Chemist is no hoax and should not be provoked.

Around a week after my original article, an email was sent to me asking for help. What I thought was another inheritance scam was actually a teenager who had stumbled upon my story. For legal purposes, I will name her Crystal. Crystal had initially heard about the Mad Chemist at college and decided to play it. From what I gathered, she and three of her friends participated. Within two weeks, she was the only one still alive.

While it’s not unusual to receive emails from readers, Crystal’s email stuck with me for several days. In her message, she described watching her friend scream in her sleep as if someone was attacking her. Worried, she tried to help her but was thrown into a wall by an unseen force. Crystal eventually regained consciousness, but her friend was gone. Over the next few days, each person that played was supposedly taken. Against my better judgment, I reached out to her and quickly received a response with nothing but a phone number.

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Crystal’s voice was shaky as she answered my call. I could tell that she was barely hanging on. With no one to believe her, she was left to survive on her own. Too afraid to sleep, she had relied on medication to keep her alert and awake. Just from the little time we spoke, I knew she was in grave danger. Agreeing to meet at a local library, I threw caution to the wind in hopes of saving a life and gaining an unbelievable story.

The library was new to me, but it didn’t take long to find it. Once Inside, I searched for Crystal around every shelf and in every room, but she was nowhere to be found. Knowing the gravity of the situation, I interviewed the receptionist, but she was useless. As she rambled on about the lack of security cameras, I noticed a bag sitting on a table. I waited to see if the owner would appear, but after several tense moments, no one materialized. The bag contained only a dead phone, empty pill bottle, and a rosary.

An uneasiness set over me as I discovered the bathroom sitting in a dark area of the library. I desperately barged in, hoping to find her, but it was empty. Believing this was some trick, I turned to leave. That’s when I saw Crystal staring at me through the mirror. Her eyes screamed, pleaded, begged for help. I just stood there, frozen in time, watching her hands claw at the mirror. She tried everything to get free, but it was too late – I was too late. Her soul was his now. She grew smaller as each second passed. Tears blurred my vision, and as I wiped them away, she was gone.

Even as I write this, her face haunts me. While my first attempt went unheeded, I implore people to please refrain from using the hashtag. It’s not a game. The Mad Chemist is real, and nothing you do will stop him from claiming what is his.

Article by Chris Piner

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