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Pennywise™ is a step above other pre-workout supplements as it delivers a powerful formula that is meant to amplify energy of mind and body. This carbohydrate-focused pre-workout will ensure that you avoid the crash that comes from running out of fuel during your toughest workouts. It’s backed by a blend of proven energy booster, nootropics, and good ole’ caffeine. Worried about those neck tingles? Don’t be. Pennywise™ is free of beta alanine. Get ready to take your workouts to a new level with Pennywise™, the pre-workout you’ve been missing out on.

Science Behind Pennywise

Pennywise™ is one devilishly good pre-workout. Why is it so insanely good? It all comes down to the science behind each and every ingredient. Check out this scientifically-backed line-up.


It’s the one mistake that most pre-workout supplements make: they always forget to provide the necessary fuel for your muscle tissue. You don’t think your muscles are running off of caffeine, do you? Lean tissue needs fast-acting glucose and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in order to reach peak performance. Simply adding more caffeine won’t help, but dextrose will. Dextrose is a superior form of carbohydrate that is highly bioavailable and gets right to work to provide your muscles with the fuel they need during your workouts. One study shows that supplementing with a glucose source like dextrose before and during a workout can improve overall strength and power output.


If a supplement only has caffeine and it’s missing theacrine, you aren’t getting the whole package. Think of theacrine as caffeine’s perfect match; the two go well together. Theacrine promotes similar energy boosting benefits without the jitters and anxiousness that is common with caffeine. In fact, theacrine is thought to calm the side effects related to caffeine. All the energy with none of the drawbacks. Studies show that theacrine doesn’t just increase your energy levels; it also boosts motivation to train, improves mood, and increases libido. Another study showed that theacrine increased energy levels without effecting blood pressure or anxiety.


Considered the original nootropic, or brain boosting ingredient, huperzine A is a potent and proven way to ignite your mental energy and improve your cognitive performance. Huperzine A is an ideal way to increase the production of a compound called acetylcholine. This precursor to neurotransmitters has been shown in numerous studies to enhance memory and improve information recall. What’s more, huperzine A is an excellent pre-workout ingredient as it can enhance your mental energy, focus, and attention. Whether you’re trying to build a strong mind-to-muscle connection or you need to be in the zone during practice, huperzine A can help.


Every pre-workout supplement needs caffeine, especially if it features theacrine. Caffeine has been shown in countless studies to skyrocket energy levels. It’s why you drink coffee every morning. What’s more, caffeine supplementation enhances your attention and focus while improving your reaction time, making it great for the gym or sports practice. Not all caffeine supplements are created equal. Caffeine anhydrous is the go-to source for caffeine, but if you’re serious about improving your pre-workout performance, you’ll want caffeine citrate, a rapidly-digesting and fast-acting form of caffeine.


All of the ingredients in Pennywise are scientifically proven and extremely potent. Is there any way to make a great formula even better? The answer lies in Ampiberry. Ampiberry is considered a binding ingredient in that it helps all of the other ingredients in Pennywise perform at their best. Ampiberry has been shown to increase the bioavailability and performance of other stimulants such as caffeine and theacrine. It’s also been shown to alleviate common jitters and anxiousness associated with stimulants. If there’s one ingredient that brings the supplement together, it’s Ampiberry.

Who is Pennywise For?

Not sure if you qualify to use Pennywise? If you want insane levels of energy and focus, Pennywise is right for you. Take a look at these categories; do you fit in one of these?


When you need to perform at your highest level of performance, Pennywise can help make it happen. Whether you’re in a fitness class or at sports practice, Pennywise contains the energy-igniting ingredients you need for success including dextrose, a fast-acting carbohydrate that will help to fuel your muscles. Perform your best and avoid the crash with Pennywise.


If you are throwing around up to 100% of your one-repetition maximum on a near daily basis, you need all the extra energy you can get. Pennywise contains scientifically-proven ingredients to amplify your physical and mental energy levels. Taken before a big lift meet, Pennywise can help you break your own personal bests.


Do you have an important exam coming up? Need to have a project completed and turned in by 8 a.m.? When you need to summon all of your mental energy to perform, you need Pennywise. This pre-workout supplement contains a variety of nootropics, or ingredients that boost cognitive performance.

Have You Used Pennywise?

If so, what benefits did you notice? Were you able to pump out more repetitions than your last lifting session? Did you feel more awake than usual? Let us know in the reviews below!

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