23" in '23 Bundle

23" in '23 Bundle

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The average biceps are 12-14 inches for people that don't work out - up to about 18 inches for most people that do.  But, why should you be satisfied with average?  

Answer:  You shouldn't! 

When you save $225 with our 23" in '23 Stack, you'll get everything you need to maximize your time in the gym and get INSANE gains in the gym.  Will you get to 23" biceps?  Maybe. But we GUARANTEE you'll get bigger and feel better when you choose Insane Labz!

Recommended Product Stacking Procedure

  • Take Asylum Cabinet HMB about an hour before hitting the gym
  • Take both Psychotic and Insane Veinz 15-20 minutes prior to working out
  • The procedure for Asylum Cabinet Products vary from product to product
  • Take Insane Whey Protein immediately after working out
  • Take Demon BCAA anytime following a workout session (between 1-2 hours is recommended)
  • Take 28 Days Later every night (workout and rest days), about 20 minutes before bedtime