Insane Labz Gym Essentials Bundle

Insane Labz Gym Essentials Bundle

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The Mad Chemist is at it again! This INSANE deal won't last long - so get it while you can...when you do, you'll get EVERYTHING you need to KILL IT in the gym!  Get $285 in FREE products and merch (62% off).  [NOTE: THE ROUND BARREL DUFFEL WENT OUT OF STOCK ON MAY 10, 2023.  FUTURE ORDERS WILL INCLUDE THE BLACK CARRY-ON DUFFEL, AS INDICATED IN THE PRODUCT OPTIONS.]

Psychotic - Energy Preworkout
Insane Veinz - Pump Preworkout
Insane Cutz - Fat Burner
Insane Whey (60 svgs) - High Quality Whey Protein
Demon BCAA - Aminos for Recovery
ACS Product - Single Ingredient Supplement
Wake the Dead - Smelling Salts
Duffel Bag to carry all your gear
Gym towel to keep your hands dry an improve grip
Wrist Band (Gym Bag Tag has gone out of stock)
Mini Shaker
6ix the Clown Funnel
Insane Labz Sticker


Recommended Product Stacking Procedure

  • Take the Fat Burner Capsules 15-20 minutes before breakfast (rest and workout days)
  • Take Psychotic Line Pre and Insane Veinz Line Pump Booster about 15 minutes before working out
  • Remove the lid from Wake the Dead, and inhale the product right before attempting a PR, or before doing set reps
  • Take Insane Whey Protein immediately after working out
  • Procedures for Asylum Cabinet Products will vary
  • Take Demon BCAA after working out (1-2 hours after is what we recommend)