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Insane Labz

The Get Slender Stack

The Get Slender Stack

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The NEW Insane Labz Get Slender Stack offers ou  EVERYTHING you need to get lean - FAST!  Our Insane Whey Ripped - whey protein with a fat burning matrix, Psychotic DIablo premium fat burner, Kill H2O diuretic and L-Carnitine to MAXIMIZE your bodies fat burning potential!


Recommended Product Stacking procedure

  • Take Psychotic Diablo about 20 minutes before breakfast
  • Split the L-Carnitine in 2-3 equal doses daily. Between 2-4g can be taken daily. (Example: 1.5g with breakfast and 1.5g with your favorite pre-workout)
  • Take Insane Whey Ripped Protein immediately after a workout
  • Take one Kill H2O capsule 3 times daily (we recommend one with with breakfast, one with lunch, and one with dinner)
  • Take 28 Days Later every day (rest and workout days), about 20 minutes before bed
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