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    Quantum Protein Project Quantum Protein Project

    Quantum Protein Project

    Here at Insane Labz we don’t just make a protein powder, we revolutionize the protein market. Quantum Protein Project® is a 80% Isolate PEA Protein surrounded by ingredients scientifically proven to be effective in epigenetic makeup...

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    Alien Recovery Alien Recovery

    Alien Recovery

    PRODUCT INFO: Alien Recovery is a great tasting 2:1:1 ration Branch Chained Amino Acid product built for recovery and muscle gains.

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  • Quarantine Quarantine


    Ships within 24-48 Hours Quarantine was developed from the desire to push the limits on what defines full body and immune protection. Breaking the stereotype of what a multi-vitamin is, Quarantine is hitting the market as a powdered powerhouse that...

  • Alien Energy Alien Energy

    Alien Energy

    Ships Within 24-48 Hours    Insane Labz has just created the best Amino Acid Energy combo in the universe. Alien Energy™ not only has a 2:1:1 BCAA ratio but also includes Beta Alanine and some ingredients used to give your body the...

  • Oj Oj


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  • Lean Muscle Stack

    Lean Muscle Stack

    Get shredded and save big with our newest Lean Stack offering... 1. Quantum Protein Project 2. Insane Cutz 3. Possessed 4. 28 Days Later 5. #AMINO

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  • #Amino #Amino


    Insane Labz # series is something The Asylum faithful has been wanting for a while. The full # series has and will have fully transparent labels to show you the amount of each ingredient. While some of our products already have transparent labels the #...