Your Sh!t Taste Bad

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Aside from some of the best quality supplements offered on the market, Insane Labz is renowned for another thing; our flavoring. From the many reviews to the thousands of comments regarding our awesome flavors, we decided perhaps it was time to help those less fortunate brands whose products just down right taste like sh*^t. That’s right, the preworkout or pump product you bought that has tastes reminiscent of decaying fruit & dirt? We can fix that! Why throw out your shi*^ty tasting product when you can simply re-flavor it and enjoy! Just add 1 full scoop of Your Shit Tastes Bad, Or It May Be Unflavored to any horrible tasting product, shake or mix it up, and let the magic happen. Not only that, but if you just have an itch for some Insane Labz flavors you can even mix Your Sh*t Tastes Bad with water and boom, instant flavor explosion! Try it today and save yourself the dread of throwing out crappy tasting products.



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