Insane Labz has partnered with the Brandbassador platform to create a community (The Asylum Faithful) of gym rats, horror heads and everyday Joes that LOVE our products and want to earn gifts, store credit and CA$H by creating, sharing and promoting content.

Who are The Asylum Faithful?

Being part of The Asylum Faithful doesn't mean you have to be INSANE about the gym (although that never hurts). We love having enough energy to get the job done - whatever the job is. We love having a pump that shows off our hard work. We love gaining muscle, losing fat and making progress in the gym! Beginners are just as welcome as competitive athletes and all will benefit from their time in The Asylum.

The Asylum Faithful Ambassador program offers qualified customers the opportunity to partner with Insane Labz to complete missions and make sales. When you do, you'll have the opportunity to earn cash, store credit, free gifts and more.  MUST BE U.S. RESIDENT, HAVE 350+ FOLLOWERS & BE 18YO+

What to expect if you want to apply.

If you have at least 350 Instagram followers, enjoy posting about your fitness lifestyle/journey and have an audience that you think might benefit from Insane Labz products - we encourage you apply to be admitted to The Asylum.

We expect The Asylum Faithful to complete missions, share their love of Insane Labz products, promote sales and engage with our community - known affectionally as The Asylum. MUST BE U.S. RESIDENT, HAVE 350+ FOLLOWERS & BE 18YO+

I put this up there with Psychotic for that next edge in my workouts. I had clean energy even afterwards.

5 Star Review of I am God | Verified Purchaser Damien V.

What do I get for being part of The Asylum Faithful?

When you are an active member of The Asylum Faithful, you'll have the opportunity to earn cash, store credit and program points for completing missions. Missions may be as simple as following us on Instagram, or as complex as creating specific social media content to be shared.

When your codes and/or links drive sales, you'll earn a commission on every dollar that your audience spends with Insane Labz. To increase your commissions, you'll have the opportunity to earn points, which will move you through the various tiers of The Asylum Faithful program. MUST BE U.S. RESIDENT, HAVE 350+ FOLLOWERS & BE 18YO+