Insane Labz B1G1 Sales

Insane Labz® B1G1 Sales Events offer ALL of our incredible products (excluding Psycho Sales) as Buy 1 Get 1 Free products.  The discount is automatically applied; when two (2) or more eligible items have been added to your cart, the lowest priced item will reflect a $0.00 price at checkout. 

If you have questions about the B1G1 offer, please reach out to or 833.2.INSANE before placing your order. No additional products, discounts, credits or refunds (other than for returns) will be available after the order has been placed. 

If a product is returned under our Asylum Guarantee program, the value of the product will be a pro rated value based on the total purchase price.  

Thank you for choosing Insane Labz®.  Return to shop