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Insane Labz $LABZ Token

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Real?  Is the Mad Chemist insane? The answer is yes. (To both.)

Why Did You Create Labz Coin?  Insane Labz has been at the cutting (pun intended) edge of supplements for the past nine years. There's no reason we shouldn't also be at the cutting edge of every available technology and service that might beneift our fans, who we call The Asylum Faithful. This extension of that vision will be an avenue for customers to buy, sell and trade Labz Coin and, eventually, use it as a payment method. For additional information, see our Token Roadmap & Developer Information, below.

How Can I Buy Labz Coin?  Labz Coin can currently be purchased as a swappable coin with Solana or Raydium. We recommend using the Phantom wallet and the Jupiter trading platform. Our customer service team is unable to answer questions about how to purchase cryptocurrency, as instructions are device/platform/wallet specific.

Token: 4VC7UYqBo9Siw8ZnkPXfw9D3dzYCiVrPDzs9XRtyRJMH

Dextools Pair- 7iAYqozANKpRjhvCPGGJdJ6jAc3MWdK9hqBV3DX3R1Lx
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