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Insane Labz

SAW x Insane Labz Kill Kit

SAW x Insane Labz Kill Kit

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SAW flags are currently out of stock.  We'll substitute a SAW neck gaiter in its place.

Want to KILL IT in the gym? This KILL KIT BUNDLE includes EVERYTHING you need to KILL IT in the gym.  Limited quanity availabe; the first 250 will be signed and numbered by the MAD Chemist.  Click on each product below for a brief description of what will be shipped in this INSANE bundle!

Recommended Stacking Procedure:

  1. To optimize fat loss benefits, take Saw Fat Burner every morning (workout and rest days) about 10-15 minutes before breakfast. 
  2. Take Psychotic Saw and Bloodbath together about 15-30 minutes before working out to increase energy and endurance, and improve blood flow and pumps.   

Psychotic Saw and Saw Fat burner are high stim products.  Take them 6-8 hours apart (adjust above recommendations to reflect your workout routine) and do not take with other stimulant products.  Always follow label directions.

Saw Fat Burner Niacin Notice: Niacin may cause flushing, itching or burning sensations of the skin within twenty minutes after taking. Individuals with a history of ulcer, gallbladder or liver disease should consult their physician before use. 

Psychotic SAW Energy Pre

Psychotic® SAW® is the most INSANE pre workout ever made by the Mad Chemist™ and his team at Insane Labz®. It's packed with proven ingredients like Beta Alanine to reduce lactic acid, L-Tyrosine to aid in reducing unwanted fat and a unique caffeine matrix for energy and focus as well as Teacrine® a patented compound that activates dopamine receptors. We added trademarked ingredients like OxyGold® and AMPiberry® to aid in bioavailability and absorption, and CongnitiQ® to boost cognitive function and mood. Change the game with Psychotic® SAW®!

Bloodbath Pump Pre

Bloodbath™ is the newest pump pre workout from Insane Labz®. Flooding your veins with blood delivers the additional oxygen necessary to maximize performance and removes metabolic byproducts and excess heat. Clinical Doses (for advanced users, 20 svgs) of proven ingredients like Agmatine Sulfate, L-Citrulline Malate and Betaine Anhydrous to aid in NO production, increase stamina and aid creatine synthesis. Trademarked ingredients like Nitrosigine® to flood the veins and OxyGold® to aid in bioavailability ensure that BLOODBATH™ is like no other pump product on the market.

SAW Fat Burner

SAW® fat burner means GAME OVER for stubborn fat. Proven ingredients work synergistically to provide powerful fat burning and appetite suppressing benefits. Ingredients like Niacin, L-Tyrosine, and Alpha Yohimbine maximize fat burning, while a unique caffeine matrix provides a long-lasting, smooth energy curve. Yerba Mate and GABA round out this incredible formula by providing improved cognitive function.

SAW x Insane Labz Flag

There are two styles of SAW x Insane Labz flags available and either design may be shipped. This 24" x 36" polyester flag features a black canvas sleeve, four line stitching for durability and copper eyelets to prevent rust.

Insane Labz Shaker Cup

While our aim is to ship black or white SAW x Insane Labz shakers, Kill Kits may ship with standard Insane Labz Shakers, subject to product avilability.

SAW x Insane Labz Sticker

This SAW x Insane Labz sticker features a stylized illustration of the Billy character from the SAW franchise, as well as the logos for both KILLER brands!

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