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Insane Labz

The Earn the Burn Bundle

The Earn the Burn Bundle

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We don't mean to brag - but this may be the MOST INSANE deal we've ever offered!  When you purchase The Earn the Burn Bundle, you'll save OVER $278! 

Get Psychotic, Insane Veinz, Insane Whey (30 svgs), Insane Cutz, 28 Days Later, The Surgeon, Creatine, Glutamine PLUS a drawstring bag, gym towel, widemouth water bottle and wristband - all for just $174.95.

Recommended Product Stacking Procedure

  • Take fat burner capsules 15-20 minutes before breakfast (rest and workout days)
  • Take Psychotic Line Pre and Insane Veinz Pump Booster about 15 minutes before working out
  • Take Insane Whey Protein and Asylum Cabinet Creatine immediately after working out
  • Take Surgeon BCAA and Asylum Cabinet Glutamine after a workout ( we recommend about 1-2 hours after)
  • Take 28 Days Later about 20 minutes before bed time (workout and rest days)
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